Friday, February 17, 2012

Equestrian Shoot & Utterly Engaged!

There's not much I love more in business then a great collaboration and it's through collaborating that big things get accomplished. My most recent collaboration was this stunner of a photo shoot with Twine Events, shot by Desi Baytan. When Erica from Twine Events contacted me to work on this shoot, I was immediately on board because I know she comes up with beautiful concepts and sees them through perfectly. Then when I heard about all the other professionals that were on board, I couldn't wait to get started. The photographer, Desi Baytan, seriously killed it. When I got the first glimpse of his photos, I sat back in my chair, put a fist in the air and hollered a resounding YES!! My excitement was so contagious that my two year old, Bass, started running around the room with his hands in the air, yelling "yeeaaaes!!" over and over. Having gorgeous photographs like these makes all the hard work 100% worth it.   From the location, to the models and stylists, videographer, paper goods, and the wonderful horse I got to work with, the whole day was pure fun and beauty.

Hello Kismet came out and put up this beautiful drapery. It made the dining area feel more intimate and cozy while still being able to enjoy the expansiveness of the location.

My girl, Amber Moon of Pitbulls & Posies, designed this beautiful paper goods suite. She is the busiest professional I know and totally nails it every time. There's a reason she's so busy... She's incredibly good at what she does. In fact, I still have the name cards sitting on my desk, I loved them so much.

I mean, really, could these models be any more gorgeous? Mark Finochiaro and Nicole Maxwell were  beautiful separately and even more amazing together. Desi's photographs of them are stunners and the team that worked on them styled everything perfectly. Kat Laskey did their make-up and Dave Harrington was on hair. The bridal gowns and accessories were supplied by Veronica Trebels of La Soie Bridal and the wardrobe couldn't have been prettier.

Then there's the location... Brookside Equestrian Center in Walnut, CA. Oh my goodness, this place is beautiful and totally hidden. You'd have no idea of it unless you had insider information - which is precisely why Erica wanted to do the shoot there. Brides need to know of this place. It's so pretty, and romantic, and quiet. A perfect place for a wedding ceremony and reception. And I personally think horses make everything better... I had to physically restrain myself from jumping on one of the horses backs and taking off for a little ride. I grew up with horse stables in my backyard and I miss riding so much. Just interacting with horses on a regular basis is therapeutic, so I got a little session in while working. ;-)

I was lucky and got to dress this handsome fellow with a seeded eucalyptus garland, which he kept trying to eat. Then, when it was time for his beauty shots, I had to hurriedly put flowers in the garland. He was kind of over the whole thing at that point so I wasn't able to make it as lush as I wanted, but I think he still looks quite fetching.

I LOVE this trio. The lush greenery with the bright white dress and her coy look has a fairy book quality to it and I dig it.

For the last of the wedding series photographs, Erica and I set-up a sweetheart table for the bride and groom in the stables. It was awesome working there because the horses were seriously interested in what we were doing and kept peeking their heads out to check on us.

I bet he was going for the groom's boutonniere.

I know I've posted Charles Lauren Film's video of our day several times, but if you haven't had a chance to check it out, you really should. You can see it by clicking on this link: They did a fantastic job of capturing everyone doing their respective jobs and tried to interview us while in process. I was a nerd and totally clammed up every time they came around - which was stupid. It reminded me of first of all, needing to get my business pitch down and second, of being a kid and squirming when my dad came around with his enormous video camera in the 80's. I regret the squirming I did then and I regret it now. But - it's just a kick in the pants to get more comfortable for the next time. We'll see how that goes...

And the sweetest part of this collaboration was that Utterly Engaged used it as their editorial feature in their "Love Is" issue!! It was published on Valentine's Day and the whole magazine is romantic and beautiful and I think their best issue yet. Which is saying a lot because everything they put out is amazing. You can read the whole issue here: Our feature starts on page 50. 

Thanks for visiting and Happy Friday! 

Vendor Credits

Photography: Connie and Desi Baytan Photography –
Venue: Brookside Equestrian Center -
Venue Contact: Rose Wade Events –
Planner/Stylist: Erica EspaƱa –
Stationery: Amber Moon –
Male Model: Mark Finochiaro –
Female Model: Nicole Maxwell –
Makeup Artist: Kat Laskey –
Hair: David Harrington –
Cinematographer: Kelsey and David Pluskat –
Bridal Gown: Veronica Trebels –
Hair Accessories: Veronica Trebels –
Rentals: Baker Party Rentals –
Antique Rentals: Gretchen Norton – Barnhill Boutique –
Draping: Kismet Events – Saadia Kibriya –
Bolero: Gertie B – Joyce Brady -
Florals: Yours Truly - Nancy Teasley -

Friday, February 10, 2012

Flowers for Mad Men

I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am to be finally launching my little business ~ Oak & the Owl. It feels like it has been a long time coming and in many ways, it has. The planning (followed by the scrapping of those plans to go back to the drawing board again) has been going on for a mere 6 months, but it feels like forever!   I've done a few really fun events over the past few months that I can't wait to blog about, the first being the AMC launch party for the new season of Mad Men. When I got the call asking if I was available, I was so excited that I immediately started researching the characters, the interior design and fashion aesthetic of the era, etc.. I knew enough from what I had seen on ads and from the inescapable buzz this show produces that it was going to be a fun project, and I wasn't disappointed. Why did I need to do research on one of the most popular shows on TV, you may ask? I hate to admit it, but... I've never seen an episode!  I know, I know, where have I been?!? I blame it on being a mother to an adorable and exhausting toddler with little time to watch TV. But really... that's no excuse

So back to the flowers...

The client wanted all red flowers in black containers to go with the identity boards (I believe that's what they're called...) they had created for the party.

After walking through the space where the event was held, it made perfect sense and the overall look was super stylish and pretty sexy. How can red and black be anything but, right?

As I was walking back and forth to my car to unload I kept hearing Wilson Phillips songs being performed and I was thinking to myself, why would someone be covering Wilson Phillips here? On my third round I ran into Carnie Wilson, ha! They were warming up for the launch party of their new reality TV show. After that I kept my eyes peeled for more celebrities and thought I saw Taylor Lautner but it was just some kid getting his head shots taken. Working in LA has certainly been fun and funny...

After reading this seasons tag lines I was intrigued enough to go home and immediately put the first seasons of Mad Men in my Netflix cue. I can't wait for them to arrive so I'll know what everyone is talking about!

So, welcome to Oak & the Owl's blog! Please visit again soon as I'll be posting weekly (hopefully) about the fun and beautiful things going on with O & the O. Happy Friday!