Friday, March 9, 2012

Headpiece Photo Shoot & Mock-Ups

These photos were taken by my friend, the amazing Kamee, of Kamee June Photography. We collaborated on this for her "Elevate ~ a Fine Art Photography Exploration". Elevate was a fine art project where a selection of professional  photographers from around the country broke out of the box of constantly shooting the same material, and went back to what inspired them to become photographers in the first place. Each month Kamee's post was the best... In my opinion. But honestly, her work never fails to impress me. And she just keeps getting better ~ it's great to be around her constant development as an artist. She's inspiring.

For this entry, Kamee wanted to play with the idea of good and evil, soft and hard, light and dark, etc. - basically a study in contrast. She envisioned a beautiful woman done up with two opposing sides and brought me on to make the floral headpiece and Nicole Deanne for hair and make-up. Kamee's photos are stunning and I think each individual artists contribution came together nicely. The model, Andrea, did a great job of capturing the dichotomous nature of the conflicted woman she was supposed to portray and Nicole's hair and make-up are well, just plain awesome. Some of the details were lost in her hair because there was so much dark working against us, but if you really look, you can see just how cool her teased and crimped hair was. I loved it.

While I was at the DTLA flower mart buying for the headpiece, I decided to get a few more flowers to make some mock-up bouquets for my portfolio. I made two renditions. The first one is a softer, more romantic version that I could see for a wedding around the holiday season. I took these photos with my fancy new Cannon 50mm 1.8 lens that Kamee taught me how to use. I obviously need a few more lessons but I was really happy with how much better the photos turned out then with the stock lens the camera originally came with.

Here's the second version. This one is a little more hard edged and has a bit of a tropical feel with the inclusion of anthurium, calla lilies and brunia berries.. It was an interesting process of seeing how different bouquets can be even when using mostly the same materials.

I wanted to end this post with an exciting announcement that Kamee and I, as well as several other awesome professionals, are working on a photo shoot to end all photo shoots for next weekend... But I just found out there's a 60% chance of THUNDER SHOWERS!! Now that just won't work... Hmmmm. Anyone have a beautiful home in either Newport Beach or Balboa Island that wouldn't mind a mock wedding being set-up on the 17th?  If so, email me!! I know we'll make it work even if I have to shelve some of my ideas for the next shoot. Either way, it will be beautiful and I can't wait to share it in the next few weeks!

Happy Friday and thanks for visiting!!

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