Thursday, March 29, 2012

Casa Romantica & Utterly Engaged ~ Part 3!

Welcome to the third and last post on my Bridal Shower shoot with Twine Events and Lane Dittoe Fine Art Photography! The entire shoot was featured in Utterly Engaged for their March, "Colours of Spring", issue! Our feature starts on page 98 but be sure to check out the entire magazine. The team at Utterly Engaged never fails in putting together stunning and inspirational stories for the bride to be and anyone who loves to look at serious beauty. I am so honored to be a part of such a fabulous publication this month!

This series of photos is from the "Flower Bar" session. I set-up what basically was a bucket shop for the girls to make floral bouquets from. Each flower had a specific meaning for the bride and the ladies were able to pick and choose flowers to have the finished bouquet say something special and inspirational about her pending nuptials and what they hoped for her marriage. We set up the Flower Bar in the Griffin Family Fireside Patio at the beautiful Casa Romantica in San Clemente, CA.

It was so much fun setting up the mini bucket shop. I started my floral design career in an amazing shop in Oakland, CA called Bloomies, and I almost opened one this summer in Laurel Canyon. Even though I know I made the right decision in not moving forward on the shop, this shoot made me a bit nostalgic for what could have been! There's something so relaxing and fun working with flowers in this way, each stem cleaned and ready for design. There's no time in event work to set up like this, you just put the market bunches in water and go!

Doesn't the bride look amazing? The dress is perfect for her and Erica Beukelman from Ten.Eleven Makeup did an awesome job on her hair and make-up. Same with the rest of the pretty ladies on this shoot. They all looked gorgeous.

                     Celosia (Cockscomb) = Burning Love

                       Anemone = Anticipation        Blue Hyacinth = My Love For You Is Ever Constant

Dahlia = Wildness & Spice

Ranunculus = Radiant Charm

 Pieiris Japonica = Love's Wild Card                Maidenhair Fern = Discretion

Gentian = Loveliness & Intrinsic Value

Sweet Peas = Blissful Pleasure                     Stock = Happy Life

This photo shows (along with others) tulips & sword fern. Their meanings are:
Tulip = Declaration of Love      Sword Fern  = Shelter

So let's see... What does her final bouquet symbolize?

"Your radiant and charming love will have you in sweet anticipation for the wildness and spice he is bringing to your married life. Because of your loveliness and intrinsic value he gives you these declarations of love and will hold them close to his heart with honorable discretion." 

Wouldn't you love to have each bouquet made for you with such thoughtfulness to it's meaning? It reminds me of the language of flowers from the Victorian era when bouquets were given to impart secret messages. There isn't much need for the secrecy now, but it's still a wonderful notion.

I hope you've enjoyed all 3 posts on our Bridal Shower shoot for Utterly Engaged. We had a wonderful team working together on this and I think it shows in the final product. Thanks for visiting and come back next week for an interior design post on a St. Louis cafe!!


Vendor Credits

Photography: Lane Dittoe Fine Art Photography -
Venue: Casa Romantica -
Planner/Stylist: Erica EspaƱa –
Stationery: Amber Moon –
Hair & Makeup Artist: Erica Beukelman/1011Makeup –
Rentals: Signature Party Rentals –
Antique Rentals: Your Rustic Wedding –
Florals & Styling: Nancy Teasley -


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