Friday, April 13, 2012

Floral Shoot w/ Kamee June Photography!

I have been fortunate to meet some incredibly talented and successful people in Southern CA. People that blow me away with their creativity and expertise in their craft, as well as their die hard commitment to their businesses and getting their work out there. I have been truly inspired by all of them and it is as though they came into my life at this pinnacle, perfect, moment. One of those people is my lovely friend Kamee of Kamee June Photography. We met in the most unassuming way... in swim class when Bass was 6 months old and her daughter was 2. I liked her right off the bat as she's chill, funny, sarcastic, and totally down to earth.

I wanted to invite them to a party but I didn't have Kamee's contact info. Then I remembered that her website was, so I looked her up. It was over at that point. I was blown away by the beauty of her work and thought to myself, this woman and I have to do something together. So I emailed her something along the lines of blah blah, kids party, blah blah, and then proceeded to tell her how I had just moved back to So. CA and didn't know anyone in the wedding industry and asked if she would be interested in working on something with me. I knew how cool she was from swim class, but I had no idea of her generosity and energy and kindness. I could have not made a better friend.

She offered to come over and photograph my work and told me to come up with something beautiful. This is the first set-up. Soft, pink, romantic and very feminine. Kamee's photos are gorgeous and I didn't know why I was blessed with such a wonderful gift from someone I barely knew. She and I are good buddies now and whenever I can assist her with a project, I do. We've ended up making a pretty great team and I'm a lucky woman to know her. Please look on and enjoy the first of our many collaborations!

I've never used this branch before and I actually don't even know what this tree is called. But I love it! I wanted the guests sitting there to feel like they were completely immersed in nature, and optimally it would occur at dusk so the candles could be lit for ambiance.

I used fully bloomed peonies, garden roses, hydrangea, dahlias, crepe myrtle, smoke bush, and geranium for the lower vase arrangements. The china I used was my great grandmothers. I had never seen it before and was shocked to know my parents had a full set that was so old. I love that I'm able to include pieces of my family history in my design like this. It makes it a fun and more personal experience.

I love this last shot (below) of the bridal bouquet and the way the Cafe au Lait dahlia looks.

Here's a photo (below) that Kamee took this past Tuesday of me and my sweet Bass. I couldn't be happier with it and I'm so excited to see the rest!

I hope you enjoyed Kamee's beautiful photos! You can expect many more as she and I keep on coming up with design ideas. It's pouring here in sunny southern CA today and I'm loving it. I wish it would last for a month so I feel like I got some kind of winter weather when the 100+ hits this summer. On another note, there are lots of fun and exciting developments for Oak & the Owl coming and I can't wait to share them all with you soon. Happy Friday!!



  1. Oh nancy!!! Thank you so much for this! You are such a gift for me too! Thank goddess for the aquatic zone! So grateful for all the beauty you infuse in my life! Thank you for the love, encouragement, and friendship you offer me! Much love, friend!!

    1. I just figured out I can respond directly to comments on my blog, yes I feel silly right now. Love you Kamee and love your beautiful work!! xoxo

  2. Gorgeous picture of you and your little guy! I think I'm drooling over that cafe au lait dahlia....they are my next fancy flower post! XO

    1. Thanks Naomi!! I love those shots of me and Bass and I LOVE cafe au lait's!! I want to do a shoot with just those - maybe we should collab? ;-)