Thursday, April 26, 2012

Darks with Kamee June Photography...

Today I'm featuring the dark red and black flower arrangements that originated from a headpiece I made for my good friend Kamee of Kamee June Photography.  I covered the headpiece in a previous post that you can read here. I love working in such dark tones and they're really hard to photograph, but Kamee did an awesome job of it. The focus was of course on the model's face but if you look closely, you'll be able to see the details of the flowers.

Here are two shots of the "dark/evil" side of the headpiece. :-)

And here are the arrangements I made with what was left over from the headpiece. I also scoured the surrounding neighborhoods to find material to fill out the bridal bouquet and happened across these beautiful garden roses planted in the yard of an abandoned house. They make this bouquet a little sweeter than the rest of the arrangements, but I think it still has a dark quality to it that makes it all come together cohesively. This shot by Kamee was in the most recent Utterly Engaged issue where I was featured as a "Fresh New Vendor"!!! It was such an honor to be featured and Kamee's photos were so beautiful to see in "print". I'm honored to be featured and I'm so happy to do it with Kamee and Desi Baytan's stunning photographs showing off my work. I am truly a lucky girl. My feature starts on page 128 but you should read the "Organic Love" issue front to back. It's such a gorgeous publication!!

The bridal bouquet was made with garden roses, peonies, anthurium, scabiosa, thistle, and privet.

Here's a little vase arrangement I made with scabiosa, calla lilies, monkey tail, thistle, and privet.

I love these little boutonnieres. They're made with calla lilies, thistle, monkey tail, and backed with a grape leaf.

And my sweet little cake I made the night before...

Here are the two full frontal shots of the headpiece.

It's been another exciting week for Oak & the Owl. Utterly Engaged's feature was so amazing and I cannot thank them enough for showcasing me and my little business. It was a trip to see my words in a magazine, albeit super fun and exhilarating. The morning it was published I was anxious to see everything I wrote out there for so many people to read, but I was happy with how it came out. And to be part of such a professional and beautiful magazine is seriously such an honor. You really should take some time and read the whole "Organic Love" issue, it's a treat for sure!

Oak & the Owl was also featured in The Wedding Chicks blog with another Bouquet Recipe!! I made a second peach bouquet for them and you can read about it here. It was another popular one with over 2,000 pins four days later, but not as popular as the first bouquet I made for them. Just from The Wedding Chicks site alone, that first Peach Bouquet has been pinned over 14,000 times! Sheesh... I feel like nothing will ever come close to that again, ha! I just have to keep trying, right? And try I will! 

Please come back next week for another pretty post! Cheers!!


  1. it's all stunning, but that vase arrangement took my breath away! ~loriel

    1. Thanks Loriel! I love that little guy too. Totally textural and in such a cool vessel. I hope you are well lady. xoxo