Thursday, May 24, 2012

Lemon Yellow Wedding Flowers

I'm an unabashed lover of pink. Truly. When women around me start talking about how they're not "pink" women, I just nod my head in understanding and secretly fantasize about the pink Madeline Weinrib Tibetan rug I'm saving for. The man I married wore a hot pink shirt and tie at our wedding and is seen in pink on the regular. That's the thing with pink, if you can get over it's "girliness", it's really one of the most universally flattering colors. And it's just so pretty. But I digress... This post is about how sick I currently am of pink. I know it won't last long, but it feels like every shoot I've done lately has been pink and I'm ready for something new. So when I got the chance to do something different, I jumped on it. This little yellow shoot was such a wonderful breather for me. No real direction, just something  beautiful with a dash of Anthropologie and NOT PINK. (Although in this same shoot we did a pink number that got rave reviews from everyone, the yellow was the pink's poor stepsister. But not to me. I prefer this shoot over the pink myself. Although maybe that's because I needed a break from it - because it was really pretty.)

Enjoy these stunning photographs from Kamee June Photography. There was a little bit of magic happening the day of the shoot and I think it shows in Kamee's photos. And the location... I could do a whole post just on that. I literally dreamed of the space days after being there. Another fantasy of mine is buying old, historic property and fixing it up. This house would be perfect. Another thing I'm saving for - come on Lotto!

Our beautiful bride's hair and make-up was done by Jessica Hale Frederick.

I kept calling this bouquet a "pretty little girl". I think I heard that from something Megan of Honey & Poppies said on Facebook and it fits so perfectly I'm using the term myself now. The bouquet included garden roses, ranunculus, standard tulips, peony tulips, lilac, fritillaria, and scented geranium.

The windows in this room were the inspiration behind my color direction. I knew I wanted this set-up in this exact location and it turned out just as beautiful as I imagined. I took the yellow from the windows for the flowers and then found chairs in my parents house that worked perfectly with it. Then added this antique table (from my parents as well) and I was done.

The vase arrangement was made of garden roses, ranunculus, standard tulips, peony tulips, white lilac, fritillaria, seriously gorgeous clematis, and scented geranium. I designed it in an antique footed cut crystal bowl that was my great grandmothers.

I thought some additional accents would be nice with this so I bought a bag full of lemon and made lemon bars. Kamee's detail shots of them are so gorgeous.

I hope you enjoyed this refreshing color direction today. I had so much fun designing all of this and I'm happy that I now have yellow to add to my portfolio. I feel bad that I bagged on one of my fave colors like I did, but you'll see soon that pink is good to me. I love it, just needed a break. Isn't that how you keep relationships healthy?

Come back next week for what else? Most likely something pink!! 



  1. I like this Colorful wedding flowers it's very romantically set the wedding mood to all wedding peoples.

    1. Thank you wedding app! I agree, it is romantic where yellows aren't typically thought of in that kind of setting. I tried to do something a little different with this colorway. I appreciate you viewing my blog and commenting, keep em coming!! xo

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    1. Thank you for your comment Kennady! I'm so happy these photos will help your friend with his planning and I wish him the best of luck. Cheers!