Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Hot Pink and Navy Blue

The following images are from a photography workshop I styled and designed the flowers for. The weekend  long workshop was held by Kamee June Photography and Julie Rollins Photography under the name of Love + Marriage = Baby Carriage, in Newport Beach the weekend of St. Patrick's day. It was probably the wettest weekend of the season and the storm totally ruined my lofty ideas for this styled shoot. Ha! Well laid plans, huh? Professional photographers from all over the US and Canada flew in to learn tricks of the trade from Kamee and Julie and it was an awesome experience to see the two of them in their element, divulging their secrets to success. I was a fly on the wall for sure, but I soaked it all in and picked up some ideas for my own business. So, even if my grand plans were literally flooded, the whole experience was worth every second of planning and the grey hairs that cropped up when that first weather report hit. ;-) These photographs were taken by Kamee June and Rebecca Diebolt (hers will be noted) of Rebecca Eileen Designs. They are both such talented artists and I was amazed that they were able to get anything out of that dark room.

This first series of photos is of the table-scape. I'll do the rest of the shoot in another post. I was going for a high end elegant feel and was SO lucky to be able to use La Tavola's stunning New York sequined linens in midnight. I paired it with hot pink and chartreuse flowers and used vintage china, flatware, and crystal stemware. 

We had to set-up in a cafe at the Balboa Bay Club, and while we were incredibly lucky to find someplace on such short notice, I still did what I could to lessen the impact of that tile flooring. Haha... Definitely not on the style board I put together.

The flowers I used included hot pink anemones, ranunculus, garden roses, parrot tulips, dark frittilaria, chartreuse hellebores, snowball viburnum, and maidenhair fern.

For the ceremony altar I used lemon leaf garland and saved some for the chair backs. I tucked in a few flowers for color as well.

The following four beautiful photographs were taken by Rebecca Eileen Designs

I'll follow up with the ceremony set-up and some detail shots next week. Wedding season officially starts for Oak & the Owl this Friday with a 330 person wedding in San Clemente!! I can't wait... I am at the same time totally confident and excited while waking up at 4am with an "oh sh**" did I add up the total number of orchids correctly, then realizing I did and trying to get back to sleep. Ahhh! Ok, wish me luck and I'll tell you all about it next week!! ;-)



  1. La Tavola has the most amazing linen! These colors are amazing! Wow! Ummm yes I'm reading all your recent posts! :-)

    1. Haha! I love it... thanks for your comments! And yeah, La Tavola is awesome and I was bummed the room didn't do them justice.