Monday, May 7, 2012

Pink Garden Rose Bouquet

Today I'm sharing the pink bouquet I made a couple weeks ago for a new friend and amazing photographer, Tonya Goettsche of Tonya Joy Photography. I keep having to pinch myself that I get the opportunity to work with so many wonderful photographers, and the fact that they're all great people who I enjoy spending time with. Southern CA has really been a treasure trove for me. Wonderful vendors, wonderful materials, and people that want to create constantly. Even if the hours of running to the market at 2am are slowly killing me, at least I'm having fun while dying. (Although I have to find an alternative to the 2am run... it is truly grueling.)

Tonya was teaching a photography workshop and wanted a simple bouquet for the other photographers to shoot (along with the models). Since it was a small order I managed to avoid a trip to market and sourced the materials at, believe it or not, Trader Joe's, and neighborhood gardens. Now... when I say neighborhood gardens, I either cut from public property or I knock on people's doors and ask them for permission to cut if I pay them. I've actually met some very nice neighbors this way and most of them laugh off the offer of payment and just tell me to cut as much as I want. I LOVE those responses. ;-)

So, from Trader Joe's I bought the snowball viburnum and pink tulips. From gardens I picked the pink and white roses and the honeysuckle. And here are Tonya's seriously beautiful photos... Enjoy!

I consider the next 5 photos to be the flowers beauty shots. ;-)

Isn't this chair cool? Tonya and her daughters decoupaged it themselves.

And now we have the series with the models. A very attractive couple that are married in real life.

I think this shot (above) is my favorite of the bouquet. The model is holding it perfectly (which you wouldn't think is an issue, but it always is) and the light is soooo pretty.

So, a BIG thank you to Tonya Joy for these stunning photographs. I have some new beauties to add to my portfolio and an awesome new colleague to continue working with on all these fun ideas. We have a fantastic shoot scheduled for this week, which will be my last big one of the season. Then the real deal wedding season starts for me! 

This bouquet was also featured on The Wedding Chicks as one of their "Bouquet Recipes"! I love working with Amy and Jocey and it's an honor to be featured on their site. I'm excited to share our most recent collaboration with you soon.

This is a super busy week for Oak & the Owl so I'll be posting again next week!

Vendor Details
Styling/Shoot Concept: Tonya Joy 
Hair/Makeup: Leslie Cordero
Florals: Oak and Owl
Models: Kelly & Garreth


  1. Nancy!! This bouquet is insane! I love how the roses play with ruffles on the dress. Lovely!

    Urban foraging! Also, you are bold (but completely right) to ask to snip flowers. I'm too shy to even ask if I can take a picture.

    1. Ha, I figured it out!

      Thanks Jessica!! And yes, urban foraging is a must and public property is a free for all. Although I'm just waiting for the day I see flashing lights, it would be just my luck. ;-)