Sunday, July 1, 2012

Late Night Practicing...

This is an arrangement I made a few nights ago with leftovers from last weeks shoot. I've decided that when possible, I'm going to work on desgin every chance I get. Even if it means using flowers that are a little sad, although these guys still looked pretty good. I can always work on shape even if the blooms aren't at their best. And it's such a meditative act that it's kind of like therapy, especially when there is no deadline and creative license is wide open.  I hope you enjoy the first of many posts like this to come (or at least I'm hoping there will be many more like this...).

The flowers used were tree peonies, parrot tulips, white scabiosa (caucasica or white perfection), pale yellow ornithogalum, white asclepias, pink trumpet tree, and a green that I need to find the name of. All the invoice said was "miscellaneous green". I'll ask the next time I see it at market.

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