Thursday, August 23, 2012

Pink Anthropologie Inspired Shoot

I just got back from a wonderful trip to the Bay where I was able to reconnect with so many of my good friends, make new ones, went to a line-dancing western bachelorette party (ha!), and just feel like something other than a mom who works all the time, lol. It was totally re-energizing while at the same time exhausting as I think I maybe slept a total of 6 hours the whole time. My first weekend away from Bass and instead of relishing the ability to sleep, I was anxious without him. Funny how this mom thing keeps surprising me. I'll get the chance to try it again at the end of September when I head back to go to my friends wedding as well as do her flowers. I can't wait to share the photos from what should be a gorgeous wedding. But, to get to the point of this post...

These stunning photos are from my good friend Kamee June. I posted the yellow series a couple of months ago which you can read about here. Kamee got a few of us wedding pros together for a fun anthropologie inspired shoot and I couldn't believe how beautiful it all turned out. I hope you enjoy these choice shots from the pink series as I overloaded the post since I had a hard time editing them down. The entire series was also featured on Oh Lovely Day! I'm so happy it found a home as I felt these photos needed to be seen.

The flowers used were several types of locally foraged garden roses, ranunculus, astilbe, mini double petaled tulips, and two types of dusty miller. I climbed nearby hills to cut some of those gorgeous roses, specifically the Cecile Brunner's. And I knocked on the door of a neighbor for those unbelievable flat faced garden roses. I was lucky that she was so cool and gave me free reign to cut what I wanted. Her garden is flush again and I'd love to go back, but I feel like I shouldn't push a good thing.

Our beautiful bride's hair and make-up was done by Jessica Hale Frederick.

I made this cute little pink cake for another detail to shoot. In person the icing dried to a pepto pink - not at all what I had planned. Good thing it softened a bit in the photos.

The shoot was held at this amazing old property in Corona, CA, and it perfectly matched the vintage vibe we were going for. The house reminded me of a carriage house I lived in in Oakland and while I was at this shoot I kept envisioning how I would remodel it to fit me and Bass. I love old old houses and this one was a gem. I decided today I'm going to start playing the lotto again... Maybe I'll get my "old" dream house some day. Preferably in the Bay. But hey, if I win the lotto I can have one in both places as well as New York, London, and France. One can dream, right? ;-)

I'll be back next week with a new feature that I'm excited to share! xo.

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  1. Beautiful shot. I love the bouquet... and the location! The colors all go perfectly.